The Duck Commander Campaigning with John Warren for the SC GOP Gubernatorial Runoff

Phil Robertson gave a stirring message on godly, disciplined men for government leadership. “You got one in this Marine.” The crowed swelled to hear the “Duck Commander” on the Campaign Trail with candidate, John Warren, ahead of the South Carolina Republican Gubernatorial Runoff Tuesday.

John Warren pressed an appeal for conservatism, courage, and common sense in Columbia. His vision and reform will be refreshing with one in the governor’s position who’s built a business from scratch in the private sector.

Someone asked John did he know what he was facing in the State Capitol. He replied, “No one will know what happened when this Marine and my running mate, Pat MCKinney, hit the ground in Columbia, SC.”

The “governor’s mansion will be a challenge for my toddler,” and we all laughed.

How cute seeing the tender care for their children and passion for leadership with the people of SC.

Love this epic campaign appearance Warren for Governor at The Beacon Drive-In, a famous Southern landmark since 1946, where voters meet the winners! SC be here , and set your alarm for 2 pm, Sunday June 24, and vote June 26, Warren for Governor.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM. Be here Spartanburg County for the ice cream social 255 John B. White Boulevard, Spartanburg, SC 29306, and vote John Warren for Governor, Tuesday, June 26.

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