Stand with Senator Ted Cruz and Larry Bateman with Lee Bright

I’m enthusiastic about the People’s choice for the SC 4th Congressional District. I endorse Lee Bright for Congress, and Ted Cruz does too.

Lee Bright is a unique man who has the guts to fight for our traditional values, against the “swamp,” as well as the heart to lead. You know he is right because he endorsed Warren for Governor, and like John Warren is committed to advance the conservative agenda of Donald Trump.

No one campaigned for Lee Bright in the SC Senate with more passion than me. Having watched him serve 8 years without fear or seeking favor, I admire this trustworthy servant. You can trust what Lee says and he does what he says. Remember, no matter what you hear, Bright is authentic.

One candidate edged out another in the June 12, Primary by just 329 votes. It’s evident with all the precincts in the 4th Congressional District – your ONE VOTE matters in the RUNOFF on Tuesday, June 26. It is critical that you vote Lee Bright of Congress June 26. Please set your calendar and alarm to not miss! The importance of this vote can not be over emphasized.

Conservative Senator Ted Cruz official statement endorsing Lee Bright for Congress:

“A healthy republic requires active participation, and it’s encouraging when conservatives step forward to run for office. I’m asking voters in South Carolina’s 4th District to carefully consider the choices before them, and to stand with the candidate who best reflects their conservative convictions. In the 4th District Congressional runoff, I am proud to endorse Lee Bright, and I urge voters there to join me by supporting him.” ~ Ted Cruz

We must defeat the establishment-style politician in the runoff and get Lee Bright to Washington, DC to serve “We The People.”

I’m all in for Lee Bright for Congress. Please join me in supporting Lee Bright contributing $20, $50, $100, or even $250. The runoff election is just a few days away, so your most generous donation is needed now.

Then vote for Lee Bright for Congress in the SC 4th Congressional District Runoff Election on Tuesday, June 26, and encourage those in your district to vote BRIGHT. Thank you.


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