“Duck Commander” Phil Robertson Endorses Warren for SC Governor

The week before the Primary Election, the Duck Commander himself endorsed Warren for Governor. How exciting to announce he will be coming to Greenville this Thursday to campaign with John Warren ahead of the South Carolina Republican Gubernatorial Runoff.

We hope you will join in this big event. You can register here

Less than one week to Election Day and Warren just launched his latest ad, entitled “Vision.” Please take 30 seconds to Watch John Warren’s Ad “Vision” here.


John details his vision for South Carolina; a state where we hold politicians accountable for every tax dollar spent, protect the second amendment and every unborn child, pass term limits, and end corruption in Columbia once and for all.

Columbia’s career politicians are working hard to spread false information about John and Warren’s campaign because they see their grip on decades of power slipping away. We can’t allow their lies to be left unanswered during this critical final week.

Phil Robertson’s endorsement:
“South Carolina duck hunters, beaver hunters, and trappers, fishermen, and the ones that LIVE by your Bibles, Warren is your man to run the great state of South Carolina.”

~ Phil Robertson, “Duck Commander”

John Warren

– Businessman

– Conservative

– Marine

Please get your family, friends and neighbors in SC to vote John Warren For Governor Tuesday, June 26. Thank you.



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