FBI and The Justice Department Starting To “Get Justice” … At Last

Andrew McCabe was fired days before he would have been eligible for a lifetime pension. Couldn’t have been more deserving!

McCabe, a former acting FBI director, was fired after multiple federal probes and reports showed that he lied to investigators reviewing the bureau’s probe into whether Hillary Clinton sent and received classified information on private email servers while secretary of state.

Abhorrent are McCabe’s lies and dirty ties ties to the Democratic Party — his wife received donations during a failed 2015 Virginia Senate run from a group tied to a Clinton ally, former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe — all while the Clinton email probe was underway.

The laser focus on McCabe intensified when the House Intelligence committee uncovered Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act abuses in connection with the Russia probe, saying that McCabe signed a FISA warrant targeting former Trump campaign volunteer adviser Carter Page.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said he officially fired McCabe after receiving a report from the Inspector General, the findings from the FBI Office of Professional Responsibility and the recommendation of the Justice Department’s senior career official. He said the firing was based on Justice Department procedure.

With all the CYIA failed leadership in Washington, DC, McCabe may yet get a free “get out of jail” card; however, his loss of millions in pension is a decent “fine” for starters.

This is a shot across the bow warning those in the highest leadership of the FBI and the Justice Department that one can not escape breaking the law with a full pension and “quiet retirement” if one fails their oath and dishonors the faithful service and good name of the thousands of FBI and public servants that continue to protect America.


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