America, Which Paul Would You Choose? Critical Vote August 9

Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House of Representatives, has been a colossal disappointment not only to his district in Wisconsin, but to authentic conservatives across America. Cozy with the Democrats and the president, Paul Ryan repeatedly caves to their wishes. <epic FAIL>

Never RyanAmerica needs a man’s man.

Paul Nehlen is that Man.

Nehlen’s campaign to take House Speaker Paul Ryan’s Wisconsin District 1 Congressional seat led him to the Texas border and left him shocked at the horrific threat to law enforcement.

Paul Nehlen turned that shock into action and donated $42,000 of his own money for rifles, body armor, and other gear to help two of the under-funded and under-staffed sheriff’s departments along the remote and dangerous Texas-Mexico border left so vulnerable by the Obama administration.

IMG_2774This is critical especially while officers are “patrolling the remote areas of the county… 99 miles of river border with Mexico, the chances of encounters with drug cartels and human smugglers are highly possible,” said the Sheriff.

Paul Nehlen is not only voicing for a secure border, he’s taken action, and he’s running a tough campaign to dump Paul Ryan from his House Seat and position as Speaker of the House.

One MAN on border and 435

Paul’s a blue collar guy who worked his way from the shop floor through middle management and all the way to executive leadership.

This Wisconsin executive is also an entrepreneur and inventor. He has extensive leadership and operational experience in manufacturing and industry, as well as a record of restoring jobs to the American economy. Mr. Nehlen will bring sanity to the People’s House and authentic conservative leadership.

Can Ryan be defeated? Remember Eric Cantor of Virginia. He’s out. 

<epic FAIL>

WE THE PEOPLE shut down good people who become  arrogant, ineffective, and turn their back on those who put them in office.

NOW is the time to act not only for Wisconsin, but America. It’s all connected to unseat Ryan.

Nehlen Team

Let’s help Paul Nehlen win the first step, the Wisconsin Primary Election on August 9th. Mr. Nehlen is the leader who’s got backbone and can get the people’s business done. Less than 1 month until the vote and what you do today matters. Thank you for your contribution today.

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