#SC12Runsoff Lee Bright From SC State Senate

S.C. Senator Lee Bright was ousted from the State Senate in a “Republican” runoff election on Tuesday night. The controversial lawmaker was narrowly defeated by former S.C. Rep. Talley – a fiscal liberal.

June 14, Bright received 37.7 percent of the vote in a 4 person race while  Talley garnered 26.5 percent. Because no candidate received a majority of votes, the top two contenders faced off in a runoff election for S.C. Senate district 12 as the schemers for the senate had planned.

Bad officials not voting

Hillary Hacks posed as conservatives at the district’s doors, mailboxes, and phones.

Huge outside financial support rolled in for attorney Talley’s bid for the senate from special interests like The Good Government Committee (read BAD government) associated with the SC Chamber of Commerce, the National Association of REALTORS Fund, and the likes of Al Gore’s and Hillary’s team Conservation Voters of SC PAC.

These PACs and powerful special-interest groups dumped tens of thousands of dollars into the campaign to deceive the electorate with their lies about Bright along with distortions of his record.

What are voters to take away from all the smears? Not much.

Define culture direction

Voters in Greenville and Spartanburg counties talleyed only 5,514 voters for this election. Talley recevied 2,788 of those votes – or 50.6 percent while Bright received 2,726 – or 49.4 percent.

What a disappointing voter turn out.  #SC12Runsoff Lee Bright – maybe not so much. You can try to redeem your apathy in November and beyond by vowing to vote in each election.

While Sen. Bright’s defeat is  a tragic loss for conservatives the nasty campaign portrays the upcoming struggle for the nomination process and political races for president and all the down ballot candidates for House, Senate, and Governorships, etc.

My Faith Votes because my faith matters

25 million Christians

Let this be a teachable moment for you. Are you thinking to sit out in November 2016? Neither indifference nor a holier- than-thou silence is helpful to the state or country in this situation.

Or will you be the  patriot, perhaps a Christian, proclaiming my faith votes because my faith matters, and push the button for the best candidate.

Not silent again

Oh, and if your first candidate choice is not on the ballot – then do the next right thing and make the right difference right now by making the next right choice.

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One thought on “#SC12Runsoff Lee Bright From SC State Senate

  1. Linwood Harris says:

    Yes Larry!

    Christ Alone! By Grace Alone! “Silence in the face of evil is evil itself. God will not hold us guiltless. To not speak is to speak. To not act is to act!”-Bonhoeffer


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