Sen. Bright Consistent Champion For Life, Liberty, Constitution and States’ Rights

The Chamber of Commerce keeps the S.C. Statehouse on a tight leash. I found that out a couple of years ago while fighting for the nullification of Obamacare in Columbia. Lee Bright and Shane Martin did everything they could to get a vote on Bill Chumley’s H.3101 bill in the Senate. Gov. Nikki Haley repaid them by coming to Spartanburg to campaign against them.

Now Sen. Bright is under attack from all sides: leftist Democrats, Chamber of Commerce cronies, even Gov. Haley and the SCGOP establishment RINO-cracy. Bright has infuriated his fellow Republicans by exposing their hypocrisy on every issue, from Obamacare to abortion to ethics reform to the Confederate flag.

Sen. Bright is a consistent, outspoken champion for life, liberty, the Constitution and states’ rights. To lose him would be a victory for big government and a tragedy for the people of South Carolina.

Robbie Bowen

Inman, Letter to the Editor June 23, 2016

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