Bathroom Break For Vouyers Courtesy The Chamber of Commerce

The political left, from Barack Obama on down, is obviously determined to let men claiming to identify themselves as women to be admitted to women’s restrooms. Whatever happened to good taste, common sense and morality?

You’d better make way for the voyeurs and perverts. These liberals are in dead earnest.

I am disappointed that the S.C. Chamber of Commerce is actively supporting this transgender movement and that it feels so strongly about it that the Chamber has vowed to spend money to defeat Bright in this year’s election, as reported in the Herald-Journal.

It is sad to see the Chamber of Commerce supporting the homosexual crowd so strongly that it would take the unusual step of spending money to defeat a political candidate who is trying to uphold moral values that are now under attack.

Major Walter McSherry,  edited letter to the editor June 23, 2016

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