A, B, Cs For SC Senate Dist. 12 VOTE June 28

Scott is running again for SC Senate District 12 seat to take Sen. Lee Bright down.

Talley contends that when he WAS in the SC House he had an A rating with the National Rifle Association whatever that may mean in 2016.

While Talley wants voters to believe his record is as good as Lee Bright’s, the NRA-Political Victory Fund endorsement doesn’t lie. This is from the current web site.

NRA-PVF Rating Talley & Bright IMG_4347Sen. Lee Bright tells THE truth to voters, the governor, Chamber of Commerce, and even special interest groups who are not standing for WE THE PEOPLE as he does.

LEE tells the truth even if some don’t like the truth or him. Bright is rock solid on the right of the people to keep and bear arms guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment to law-abiding citizens.

If Scott can’t get his A, B, C’s accurate, can the new senator be trusted to be a clear voice and vote for the people in the senate?

For law abiding gun owners’ rights? We shall see.

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