State of Union Response Alludes to Amnesty Pledge in Spanish Translation

There were plenty of tricks in President Obama’s State of the Union (SOTU) address.

Achieve Prize

Rather than offer suggestions for legislation in his last year, Obama chose to tout his desired legacy.

Here’s what a delusional perspective achieved, along with some truth. His golf game improved with practice, but his government “game” brought one loss after another.

Not hoped chg

Following the State of the Union (SOTU) address each January, the out-of-office party has someone deliver a response. That address this time was by Gov. Nikki Haley of SC. Gov. Haley was certainly aiming her critical remarks of those seeking the Republican presidential nomination in the Iowa Caucus plus the Primary States immediately following like the New Hampshire and South Carolina primaries.


Nikki seems to want to be crowned Vice President on the GOP ticket when a presidential candidate is nominated. She admitted aiming at Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. But how could the Republican State of Union Response allude to an Amnesty Pledge in the Spanish version?

Perhaps tricky Nikki is complicit. I’d like to not believe that. Perhaps the governor was deceived in the Spanish tyrannical translation. Her Highness somehow gets a twisted translation.

Certainly, the Washington Elites/Establishment (CARTELS) used the translation opportunity to attempt fraud on the American citizens, and the millions of Spanish speaking persons who are an undocumented wannabe.

Read the busted story here.

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