Islam’s Insidious Invasion

Syrian ‘refugees’ arrive in S.C. despite governor’s concerns and the voices of many activists and the vote of 7 SC counties.

And so it begins. Actually, it’s the play book that has been in use for centuries. Migrate and conquer for Allah. And who supports this? The Catholic Church in the Low Country, and some Baptist congregations across the Upstate.

In my early conversations with Jason Lee of World Relief Spartanburg he told me, “We have no Syrian refugees coming to Spartanburg…in the foreseeable future, but I can’t say that Lutheran Services in Columbia might not slip one by.” How prophetic.

And how pathetic that the Congress rubber stamps the president’s plan! The Omnibus Bill, now law, completely funds Planned Parenthood, a notorious slayer of humankind, but also affords complete funding for the Refugee Resettlement Program, youth border jumpers, Sanctuary Cities, and un-vetted Syrian refugees, to name a few.

Obama is on course, to “fundamentally change America” by killing the innocents, and changing the population mix of America so long standing citizens are at risk – if not assimilated into Sharia Law, then annihilated.

“ALARMISM” you say. Well, there are just a couple of general questions that continue to go unanswered?

  1. Where do authentic desperate refugees get sports coats?
  2. Where are the women left behind?
  3. Who are the refugee women?
  4. Where are the children of the refugees?
  5. What percent of those vetting refugees for the USA are Muslim?
  6. Why only 3% of the refugees who have come to the USA are Christians? Perhaps the illusive answer to question 4 is – drum roll – just so the Muslims contracted for vetting refugees can keep up appearances of “impartiality” in placing refugees in line for the USA.


The president, the Congress, the UN, and The US State Department are unmoved to stop this, let alone PAUSE the influx of refugees.

Will the governors, County Delegations, County Council members, Sheriffs and the State Adjutant General stand with WE THE PEOPLE to stop it – or just capitulate?

What will you do?

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