Jingle Bell Jihad

Finally, on December 6, President Obama was compelled by the overwhelming evidence to say that the terrorist attack by Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik in California was “an act of terrorism,” something the rest of us recognized and knew days before the president.


Spending a disproportionate amount of his speech on the USA not painting the Muslims in the USA as sympathetic to or a part of this terror, the president recited a 4 point plan, pretty much the same as what he was been doing, that brought little if any comfort to Americans.

Rolling out the president’s strategy, it was apparent to a thoughtful person that little had changed except some words. Check the facts.

Following the president’s address, FOX NEWS gave details of the air offensive since 2014 that was shocking:


There have been 8,600 air strikes, however a large percentage of the missiles and bombs on planes were not launched because of his restrictive rules of engagement. Think of the man-hours, planes, ships, and expensive weapons that were used since 2014.

Result 23,000 ISIS supporters killed with the 20,000 missiles and bombs. If my math is accurate that is the equivalent of 1.15 ISIS supporters killed per deployed weapon. Who are “supporters?”

Compare that to the 14 killed by 2 terrorists in CA in about 5 minutes with small arms.

Feel safe America because the president has said his strategy is working so sing Jingle Bell Jihad when you go to the mall, stadium or other gathering where terrorist just may think it is a “soft target.”

On the other hand, prepare to defend yourself and your state.

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