Refugees Fundamentally Changing America

President Barack Obama and good ol’Joe back slapping about the next phase in fundamentally changing America – simply by changing the people. It doesn’t seem like they really like you, me and our America. Perhaps overheard laughing,


“Let’s change the people in 2016it’s our year to get it doneto flood America with impoverished migrants and thus to change America by changing the people!” In case you wondered, Senator Joe Biden was (along with Ted Kennedy) one of the architects of the Refugee Act of 1980 that’s not working out for America’s good.

President Obama met with a people group known as Rohingya, a Muslim ethnic group from former Burma now called Myanmar when he was attending a regional economic summit in Malaysia. Tens of thousands of Rohingya have fled Myanmar to escape persecution by the country’s Buddhist majority because they want to keep their country Buddhist and not change to Muslim Shariaism. Can you understand why the citizens of a country would not want their society to be fundamentally changed? I can.

Many Rohingya have fled ending up in Malaysia. And guess who they meet? Yep, Obama promises to welcome Rohingya to USA cities. But catch the back story first.

Are there Christians in Myanmar? Adoniram Judson, Jr., arrived in Burma  July 13, 1813 where he invested 37 years in missionary service abroad with only one trip back home to America. He is remembered as the first significant missionary in Burma who with the aid of national evangelists and a few other missionaries slowly gained a foothold in the culture and language, winning people to Christ and establishing churches. It was extremely difficult! When Judson began his ministry in Burma, he set a goal of translating the Bible and founding a church of 100 members before his death. When he died, he left the Bible translated into the language of the people, 100 churches, and over 8,000 believers. Still the Church grows today.  And yet there has been ongoing persecution of Christians.

Now some persecuted Christian refugees from Myanmar are safely settled in Pennsylvania, USA. They are NOT welcoming the Rohingya Muslims. Did you think Christians from Myanmar would welcome Muslims from Myanmar? Uh, I guess those resettled Christians don’t want the USA changed, either.

But we can alter the plan to fundamentally change America into something she was never intended to be. Look how you and I can make the right difference when you help me get out in front of this mass migration and intensify political pressure from the bottom up. PHONE your mayor, city/county council members, congressman, senators, and governors (Yes, some need to be thanked for stonewalling Syrian refugee resettlement – see map).


Be sure to phone congress — lighting up the switchboard to support Rep. Brian Babin’s HR 3314, a bill that would stop all refugee resettlement until the Obama administration can give a full accounting of the costs and national security risks. Go ahead and call because you can make the right difference!

And the link below is a web site that consistently gives reliable news you can use to help keep watch over freedom in your nation, state and community. You will be glad you bookmarked it…

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