Total War

In “The War Between The States” (Civil War, if you insist) the Union Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman unleashed a “scorched earth” campaign popularizing the term “Total War.” That’s what the world needs with ISIS is TOTAL WAR – and no quarter given!

On Gen. Sherman’s 60 mile-wide path of total destruction in his march from Atlanta to Savannah, GA, he ordered [allowed] those liberated blacks following his army to be abandoned at a river or drowned in it. Perhaps you didn’t learn that part of American history. These military actions can hardly be considered “innocent casualties.” However, Sherman thought there was a war to be won so keep on burning. 

War is terror, and terrorist are at war with the world.

There will be “collateral damage” and “innocent casualties” in total war; however, we have the technology and expertise of the current USA military to minimize this. But who will execute the order?

Obama will stand with Muslims

France is ready to prosecute “total war” against terrorism, but USA don’t hold your breath.

Strange bit of “intelligence” surfaced for your consideration – the US President gave the French President intel on 20 sites for French planes to bomb in Syria that the “rules of engagement” would not allow US air power to bomb. Hmmm?

Strange intel and more strange rationalizing “morality” by the president may grant him sleep at night with another nation fighting the “dirtier war.” But ISIS is coming for him, Washington, DC, as well as for you and me.

“But God and I love people,” you say. The Lord loves all people, and I do too. Ponder this, could Christians flying in US bombers over Germany and Japan in WWII unleashing fire bombs devastating and burning whole cities and killing tens of thousands of people really “love their enemies” – kill them, and protect Western Civilization? Yes.

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