ISIS Seeks Worldwide Domination of Societies

Why a moratorium on migrants and the Refugee Resettlement Program while screening is perfected? Here’s a least a couple hundred reasons.

In Paris there are 129 dead, 352 injured among them 99 in serious condition as a result of a 3 hour attack at a rock concert in a 200 year old iconic theater, a nearby stadium, bar, and key parts of Paris night life. Why? All because of French air strikes in Syria. The USA has air strikes against Syria, too.

Once again President Obama mis-characterized ISIS in an interview saying “ISIS is contained and shrinking.” Actually, the territory currently controlled by ISIS in multiple countries is equal to the land size of Great Britain.

ISIS theocratic Caliphate seeks worldwide domination having an ideology to impose ANY version of Islam over society for time and eternity. ISIS neither shares “universal values” nor the concept of sovereign borders. Incompatible Islam is here, and in France.


ISIS claims responsibility in 6 coordinated attacks utilizing pump action shotguns, automatic AK47s, hand grenades, and suicide vests. Syrian and Egyptian passports and even a French national known among dead terrorists. A cell. Fingerprints reveal that one was on a terrorist WATCH LIST.

Do you think it is reasonable to assume that radical Islam is coming for us? Yes, terrorists said, “American blood is more precious.” Do you think you may be a target?

No fear…just READINESS, RESISTANCE, RESOLVE and trust Christ! Christians must be busy about Christ’s Last Command, which is our first concern, “GO into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature” (New Testament Greek word “ethnos”) from which we get the word ETHNIC. GO to all ETHNIC people groups and proclaim the Gospel. That includes those in the Middle Eastern arena.

The hearts of Americans go out to our oldest ally, France. Pray for Paris. From the days of our Founding Fathers they stood with us. They had a part in our victory over tyranny back then. Once again it’s our opportunity to stand with our allies for victory over radical Islamic terrorists or Sharia-ism. They must be eradicated. Weep for the lost. Pray for repentance and faith…they go hand in hand.

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