Loading Flight 762 at Gate X39 – You flying?

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) hired officers to protect America and the world from terrorist attacks. Are they carefully and accurately screened because since 9/11/01 this has been a major standard for the safety of air travelers? We would hope so. With all the inconvenience and airport delays it’s something we have grown to endure for the safety of others as well as that of our own family.

In 14 years one would think the government would get it perfect. Salute!


But an investigation into the TSA discovered 73 aviation workers, employed by airlines and vendors are on the “NO FLY TERROR WATCH LIST.” What? How could this be?  We have been trusting the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), but the DHS Office of Inspector General blamed “bureaucratic mistakes.”

Just 19 “mistakes” allowed 19 terrorists to hijack planes to down two NYC World Trade Towers and ram the pentagon. How many “mistakes” are you willing to let slide as “bureaucratic” boondoggles? I say none. Wonder what 73 terrorists could do?

You flying while one is at the gate chambering 7.62×39 ammo for an AK47 rifle? Tests of the effectiveness of DHS security has resulted in numerous failures to discover weapons and contraband. You still trust U.S. government?

Do you suppose the vetting of a Tsunami of tens of thousands of refugees by the Department of Homeland Security is trustworthy? 

You still trust the government

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