Celebration of Jerusalem Day Sort of Like July 4…

We were so moved hearing Ron Dermer, Ambassador To United States for Israel, at First Baptist Church North Spartanburg’s youth center. We were joining Christians United for Israel along with the State of Israel in the celebration of Jerusalem Day.

Did you realize that Jerusalem is about 3,047 years old. Ron Durmer Ambassador Israel

But since 1967 the free state of Israel stands as the only democracy in the Middle East. The Ambassador shared gripping insights into the Bible, history, and current events. One hears a lot in the news about this part of the world.

Prior to the Holocaust there were 18 million Jews. Six million were slaughtered or became a part of what was called “The Final Solution” in the gas chambers in Nazi Germany.

This is a fact of history no matter what Iran or anyone else says. Facts are stubborn things! And yet, Almighty God intervened and actually that was an “un-final” solution.

God began bringing Jews, scattered around the world, back to their homeland.

While the enemies of the Jews have tried to subjugate or destroy the people of Judea, Israel stands today with 13.5 to 14 million Jews. It’s a miracle. Ron Dermer challenged Christians to come to Rome and see the Arch of Triumph inscribed with the image of the Roman General Titus who destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem AD 70, and returned to Rome through the arch with the vanquished Jews bearing the Menorah and other sacred implements of worship. Ron Dermer invited us to come to Israel to see what God has enabled the Jews to do in rebuilding a great LAND. 

Did you know that because of their hatred of the people of Judea the Romans sought to “de-Judeanize” them centuries ago by changing the name of their land to Palestine? Those that believe the Bible and history realize that the land is really Israel. But some will ask, “What about the Palestinians?” Ron Dermer stated, “The only country in the free world where a Palestinian woman can hope to raise her child to his full potential in freedom is the nation of Israel.”

And yet, the threat of radical Islam’s nuclear power is real. Did you know that 50 nations across the globe have nuclear power, but they do not enrich uranium? That would give any people the capability to build nuclear weapons.

Beware of a political ruse in a deal to allow Iran to continue with its nuclear ambitions under the squint-eyed UN inspectors. It hasn’t worked and it won’t work. Remember North Korea? The supreme ruler of Iran vows the destruction of Israel. The USA must stand firm with Israel – for her enemies are enemies of the USA.

The Bible says, “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.”

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