More Than Just A National Day of Prayer

Please join in a time of prayer and focusing our reliance on God the first Thursday of May. And yet everyday is a great day to pray. Patriot prayer matters! After 9/11 we came together as a people. We’re not all the same, but we came together, flew the flag and prayed together. Spurning the annual Prayer Breakfast the president has had a damning effect on America’s perception of the Almighty and prayer.

Today, the arrogance of the administration to pick and choose laws to uphold and do whatever it wills is appalling. Do the people think they can pick and choose from a smorgasbord of public policy, public assistance, and presume that God is optional in the affairs of men.

From Congress to the state house and party conventions, there is much evidence of a lack of an authentic constitution-based system but rather a labyrinth of arrogance and intrigue effectively hiding truth from WE THE PEOPLE. This is alarming.

My heart aches over the deceptions and disunity that sweep across the fruited plain – right through South Carolina. One consoled and challenged the fragile colonists during a particularly difficult time in forging American liberty. Listen to the founder of the American Revolution’s words that are so appropriate yet today,

John Singleton Copley, Samuel Adams (1772)

John Singleton Copley, Samuel Adams (1772) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“If we despond, public confidence is destroyed, the people will no longer yield their support to a hopeless contest, and American liberty is no more… Let us awaken then, and evince a different spirit… We have been reduced to distress, and the arm of Omnipotence has raised us up. Let us still rely in humble confidence on Him who is mighty to save.”

     – Samuel Adams

Prayer is important for lifting up our nation, state, counties, communities, teachers, churches, pastors, civic leadership, elected officials as well as candidates for office. Ask God for wisdom to discern truth from error, and for wisdom to make wise choices. Again, the words of Mr. Adams are so appropriate because elections have consequences.

“Let each citizen remember at the moment he is offering his vote…that he is executing one of the most solemn trusts in human society for which he is accountable to God and his country.”

     – Samuel Adams

May God bless you, the state and nation.


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