1 Patriot + Precincts + 1 Party = Powerful Voices and Votes

Whether you have little or no experience or are a zealous Republican Constitutional conservative your actions on June 10, 2014 can reshape the Republican Party — and ultimately candidate choices.

In reality it’s pretty simple. With international and domestic upheaval you may be tempted to succumb to fears, even apathy, or have unsettling thoughts about your current overwhelming schedule. The world seems to be spinning out of control and you may feel detached. How can you, one patriot, make all the difference for you and your family? You can do it…here’s how!

You can hook up with other concerned citizens in your county, SC, and nation for a powerful voice in 2014. Do not fall prey to thinking that you can wait until the November election. The most important election in this cycle is the June 10, 2014 Primary. Be in your polling place and prayerfully cast your vote. It counts now, and it also counts big when the number of delegates are designated to your precinct in the next cycle. Your vote counts now AND FOR THE FUTURE.

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