When You Come To The Fork In The Road – Take It!

America propelled at high speed down the lane to the fork in the road and took it. The election November 6, 2012 was a turning point for America, and the majority chose to take the route to a fiscal cliff. This choice will be debated by pundits, politicians, and people whether this was the correct fork. But the people chose to accelerate past the ROAD CLOSED sign and chose “FORWARD” to the FREE stuff of the immediate future without weighing the consequences.

Only a few million more people voted for the re-election of President Barack Obama than voted for Gov. Mitt Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan. Those who stayed at home on the basis of “their principles” forfeited America to the pain and ruin constantly unfolding.

It’s bewildering what authentic “achievements” were celebrated in Obama’s first 4 years. What’s even more baffling is whatever motivated Americans to again support what many observe as a totally failed presidency? Though shrinking in numbers, some seem to still see an aura around “The One” who has been playfully referred to by James Murphy as “the world’s most articulate human being.” Obama has a way with words.

Words have meaning, but they are lies without commensurate actions.

Many citizens are crushed in the agony of defeat. Do you feel “shell-shocked” that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan lost? Napoleon was supposedly once asked, “Emperor, is God on our side?” to which Napoleon replied, “…God is on the side of the man with the most artillery.” Obviously, Obama and Biden had the most “artillery” in this campaign.

And many of us are writhing in the pain of defeat with the wounds of “cannonade.” Like me, some of you “left it all on the field” – perhaps in Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Wisconsin, South Carolina and more. But there is much in which we can rejoice with new conservatives who won their races: Ted Cruz (R-TX), Jeff Flake (R-AZ), and Deb Fisher (R-NE) who are on their way to the US Senate! 


Please also rejoice with me in the victories we fought hard to win in NC for Gov. Pat McCrory, the first Republican elected governor in NC since 1988. Well done. Our Patriot Voices had a huge impact across America for which we are very grateful!

Perhaps never before since the days of our Founding Father’s have more people made the prayerful APPEAL TO HEAVEN for divine intervention as in this election. (See earlier blog “Got God?”). Where was God? Jane said the morning after the election, “I’m disappointed in God.” There are many who share that desperate sense of loss in this election. Later, she exclaimed, “That’s not the same as being disillusioned with God.” Jane knows, as do I, that God is ultimately in control and is trustworthy!

Many of us sincerely prayed that God would give the USA another chance – to take the next step for Freedom, faith, and family. And where was God? Right over top of it all. Did Democrats pray, too? I think some sincerely did.

However, God was forced on the Democrat platform in the DNC this year with a triune voice vote “No!” There was certainly not a 2/3 rds majority as required by the Democrat Party rules in any of the 3 times the chair asked for a vote to reinsert “God” and “Jerusalem” back in the Democrat platform. Was the Democrat Party rejecting the TRIUNE God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit in their platform? Rejecting the solid support of Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol? I believe that was precisely what happened! But why should anyone pay attention to the rules when President Obama arrogantly ignores the US Constitution with its 3 separate branches of government, and acts as Emperor?

By ordering the LAW to NOT be enforced called the DEFENSE OF MARRIAGE ACT (DOMA), it is clear that Obama’s views “evolved on marriage” between one man and one woman to now allow for same sex marriage. Can Obama be trusted to not have an “evolved” position on any of America’s traditional values? It would logically follow that the answer is “No!” Three more states also took the same fork in the road for same sex marriage on November 6 racing America to a moral cliff!

Was God at this fork in the road? No, He was not. God was still above it, knowing full well that America has not humbled herself, prayed, and turned from her wicked ways as laid out in 2 Chronicles 7:14. It is my belief that the judgment of God continues on America because Democrats, Independents, and yes, Republicans – all of us as a nation have incomplete repentance for our wicked ways. And still, “the wages of sin is death.”

Obama said, “Vote for revenge.” I feel like Israel in captivity praying revenge on those God chose to judge them leading them out of Jerusalem to Babylon (modern day Iraq). Do you, too, feel the grief and weep for America?


Elections have consequences, as do votes in the House and Senate! Basically all the red on the map pays for all the blue on the map.

Yes, we are to obey the powers that be unless they require obedience to that which is contrary to the clear teaching of the Bible.

We are at a turning point in America. While we respect the office of the president and the sometime imperfect political process in which we participate, we know the USA is the great American experiment, conceived by divine Providence. We do not have to succumb and “take the fork in the road” on the devious route to destruction.

This election has changed our world forever as over half of the USA has voted for a godless, Socialist nation tagging along soon on the heels of the New World Order. But take heart, for nearly ½ of the USA electorate is on the other side. Many of you joined me in the struggle for that other “fork in the road,” and I gave it my all. Did you give your all and “believe in America,” or trust a pious ideology that won’t vote – or trust the polls to decide for you?

I thank each one of you who fervently prayed, vigorously campaigned with all your heart, proudly voted, and supported the Republican Party, and the words of the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution! I’m very proud of each one.

Now you must decide how you will both survive in a fundamentally different nation, as well as how you will unite in small groups, of like-minded  precincts, with nearly half of America who sees “our fork,” and our future in a fundamentally different direction. I remember the words my mom often quoted that act as a compass in my heart,

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6 (NASB)

This battle is lost, but we can rejoin the path to the struggle – until our last heartbeat we must keep persevering in the ever-present struggle to commit our lives, our treasure and our sacred honor to America’s freedom.

I read the back of “The Book” and we win! By the mercy and grace of God we will change prayerfully and strategically to meet new challenges ahead. Always follow your “Compass” to the future victories on the other fork in the road. I’ll meet you there – on the right fork!

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