Get United!

What was this rally about? The routine trampling of our freedoms by President Obama through over 137 executive orders, and appointment of Czars to oversee every area of our lives is a compelling motivation for freedom-loving Americans across SC and NC to Unite for victory.

It’s time for us to put our differences aside and seize the reality in the NEXT great step for FREEDOM.

Obama’s failed stimulus catapulting America’s National Debt to over 16 Trillion with an actual jobless rate in excess of 8% means now is the time to grow the economy with jobs, rebuild our nation and reaffirm together our core of traditional values.

In light of the Supreme Court rulings allowing unprecedented tax increases with full control of all health care we must be doers to change the law and policies.

Conservative Upstate precincts, counties and sponsors networked with Anderson Mill Precinct Club to host a rally to return to our Founding Father’s Faith and Family Values riveted to their words, the U.S. Constitution, and creatively impact the election and beyond.

What a disappointment when we lost the White House in 2012, and yet there were significant Republican wins across America like all across NC where I served with a Strikeforce for victory. We must take heart in victories won, and let’s work together with authentic conservatives at the county, state and national level to take back the Republican Party and reform government.

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