The SC Supreme Court’s decision on misunderstandings regarding candidate financial interests’ filing procedures resulted in nearly a couple hundred persons being removed from the June 12, 2012 Primary Ballot. It’s a travesty! But it’s the law.

House failed! The greater fault lies with the State House where a fix was proposed so previously qualified candidates would not be disenfranchised, and WE THE PEOPLE from the local level all the way to SC House and Senate would not be denied a voting CHOICE. There are those in the State House who sponsored a fix for the candidates and the people of SC. Others sat on their hands embracing Obama’s Chicago style politics to eliminate their opposition from the ballot before the vote!

Let’s reclaim the fundamental right to vote a choice by signing the petitions for candidates removed from the June 12 ballot so they can be placed on the November 2012 ballot. Why?

To prevent abuses that threaten the entire civilization, to create happiness for all people, and to prevent great unjustified suffering, all fundamental rights are granted to all people in every civilized society.” The italicized statement is also the meaning of the Ninth Amendment to the United States Constitution: The amendment grants all fundamental rights not already granted in other parts of the Constitution.

The right to vote is the fundamental rightThe Constitution addresses voting in Article II and four subsequent amendments (the 15th, forbidding discrimination in voting on the basis “of race, color, or previous condition of servitude;” the 19th, forbidding discrimination in voting based on sex; the 24th, prohibiting “any poll tax” on a person before they can vote; and the 26th, granting the right to vote to all citizens over the age of 18).

Actually, each right is a liberty. A vital “protection under the laws” is your right to vote, and this always implies a choice. Even if you voted for another in the primary, as you exit the SC polls Tuesday, June 12, look for a candidate’s table OUTDOORS, and honor our American heritage by signing the petition for the individual to be placed on the November 2012 ballot. This is the best we can do now to reclaim the Republic, and the right of WE THE PEOPLE to have a choice.

Vote June 12, and on the way to your car sign the petition even if you have to duck under cover if it showers. Thank you. Patriots prevail!


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