WE THE PEOPLE of SC Senate District 5 Have a Choice

The choice is clear. I attended a debate to continue to vet candidates for SC Senate District 5 on the Spartanburg Community College, Tyger River Campus, on June 4. Having met the candidates and examining their responses, the choice is for District 5 to decide.

It was my privilege to meet the wife of Tom Corbin and to talk to other enthusiastic supporters. What a wonderful SC family. As Tom relates, good bills get passed in the House where he has served, and when those bills come to the SC Senate they get stuck and die, just like we’ve seen in Washington, DC.

I conclude that Tom Corbin is the authentic conservative who will serve the people of Greenville and Spartanburg Counties, and will join with “The Back Row Boys” of the SC Senate who together will be able to get good legislation passed and protect the jobs, property, and freedoms of our families and state from government overreach.

I agree with the The South Carolina Club for Growth who  endorses Tom Corbin. It is evident that Tom Corbin aims for financial responsibility, aspires to transparency in government, and takes action to not only limit the scope of government but insure that SC is launched into a true prosperous growth for WE THE PEOPLE.


It is my privilege to endorse Tom Corbin for SC Senate District 5.

Thank you for your support so Tom Corbin won to make the right difference, right now!


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