WE THE PEOPLE have a choice SC House District 37

Donna Hicks-Wood wants to continue serving in SC Legislature to help bring conservative principles to SC government. She’s an advocate for our children and their future by supporting legislation that will create a great economic and educational environment. Her college work includes USC Upstate, and Duke University, which led to graduate studies at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, and PHd studies at Regent University.

Donna Hicks & Associates is a Consulting, Marketing and Publication Firm where she serves those requiring her expertise. Donna is a real woman and NRA member.

Donna serves as an advocate for Released-Time programs and other educational programs that prepare our children for a successful future beyond how to make a living to how to really live. I like that!

One of the goals of the SC Club for Growth PAC is to target lawmakers that claim to be conservative and replace them with true fiscal conservatives. They choose candidates that have campaigned against higher spending and more regulation and they believe the candidate will remember their promises after they take the oath of office.

What is needed is a citizen politician who has the objectivity to be an authentic representative. It is time for Donna again in SC House District 37, and I am pleased to endorse Donna Hicks-Wood. She doesn’t have all the money and the BBQ, but she’s got what it takes to represent District 37. It’s not about throwing a party. It’s about you, your children and grandchildren’s heritage. Thank you for  your support for Donna.




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