Celebrating and Upholding the Constitution Everyday

This Fall we celebrated by law the 224th Anniversary of the signing of  the US Constitution. Others planned “a day of rage,” on the Brooklyn Bridge, and some say “revolution” against the corruption and greed of America’s Wall Street in NYC. A day stretched to weeks and more as the mindless rage continues to spread in other venues across America. Some Americans faced with over 9% known unemployed, and the poverty rate reaching 15.1% are ready to “free America” from capitalism, and suckle the socialist state spawned by Barack Obama, with his unconstitutional czars and administration who repeatedly violate the Constitution at their whim!

After America peacefully remembered 9/11 with the heroes of the New York City Police and Fire Department, groups like “CultureJammers,” “USDayofRage.org,” “People of the NYC General Assembly,” “TaketheSquare.net,” and even “Anonymous” marched on Wall Street. Will this be a different kind of “September terror?” Yes!

A striking parallel comes into view when I remember daddy telling me about the nearly 15,000 WWI veterans that marched on Washington, DC in May 1932. They were called the Bonus Army. These WWI vets were demanding immediate compensation they had been promised. The World War Adjusted Compensation Act of 1924 had awarded these veterans “bonuses” in the form of certificates they could not redeem until 1945. They were hungry NOW!

Desperate, without jobs a march on the Nation’s Capitol began, and a tent city was erected. They camped for cash! Just American heros who needed “a hand up,” not “a hand out.” War and depression in a sense invaded America, and there was a culture of chaos.

Do you ever wonder if paid protesters, folks without jobs, returning veterans or even TEA Party patriots in lawful assembly presenting their grievances to the government would ever be met with lethal force in America? Do you believe in your heart that those sworn to uphold the law and the U.S. Constitution would ever use lethal force against their own citizens? Learn from history.

The police in our nation’s capitol in 1932 engaged the Bonus Army to disperse them, and when facing resistance, shots were fired and two WWI veterans were wounded, and later died. Tragic.


Probably no veteran, or any American alive today would question the loyalty to America, the leadership or courage of Gen. Douglas MacArther, a hero of WWII and the Korean “police action,” who proclaimed the West Point academy motto in his famous speech, “Duty, Honor, Country!”

And yet in 1932, then Army Chief of Staff Douglas MacArthur commanded the infantry and cavalry supported by 6 tanks when President Herbert Hoover ordered the army to clear the veterans’ campsites. MacArthur obeyed orders whether it was in his heart or not. The Bonus Army marchers with their wives and children were driven out, and their shelters and meager belongings burned. Facts are stubborn things.

A good question to ask Republican presidential candidates would be, “Should you be elected president, under what circumstances would you order forces at your disposal to attack, put in “camps,” or shoot American citizens?”

Could terror in tough times again pierce NYC or where you live? Glenn Beck often quotes Van Jones who said “The movement of hope and change” will control the people “Top down, bottom up, and inside out” (the later being “your heart part.”) The aim as Jones puts it to “bend history in a new direction.” And you ask “What would that new direction be?” More than socialism! Controlling chaos – more accurately controlling citizens to an unconstitutional life is wrong! It’s the force element that takes it to the next level from simple Socialism to Facism. Yes, Facism involves force. Controlling wealth and its distribution with force is Facism.

Some would re-write history and even the dictionary. Look it up. Let’s celebrate the US Constitution and cherish it everyday, and unite to support it. The “Arab Spring” now hawked here as “The New American Fall” is pervasive in America.

Where are you? You must protect yourself and your family by being in a state of preparedness. Enjoy the measure of freedom we have, and prepare yourself and your family for tomorrow, and beyond. Patriots unite!

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