Principles or Polls for President

The American Principles Project Committee decided who WE THE PEOPLE want to hear in the September 5, Presidential Debate in July, before the primaries and perhaps without enough “principles.” Americans are angry with the lack of principled leadership in Washington, and that arbitrary percentages make the decision of who is included in a presidential debate.

Do you share my rage that big money, conservative TV and talk show hosts, GOP establishment types, and even a highly respected Senator like Jim DeMint are “making the cuts” to imply who you really want for president of the United States in August, September or any month? I am! I am convinced that some are “calling the race” for President and even accelerating the primary dates based on polling and seeking to leverage out candidates who have been in the long haul on the traditional political calendar!

Pay attention to a Statesman you would be proud to have in the Oval Office – or in your home. I am impressed with the breadth of Mitt Romney’s knowledge and experience with business solutions, and the height of his vision for America.

Patriots demand vetting. They demand serious solutions to serious questions. They want to know the principles in the candidates’ core, not what the latest tracking poll reveals…or conceals.

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