Fly By Nightmare

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton welcomes NATO’s decision to enforce the no-fly zone over Libya plus take over part of the international operation command. Wordsmith the NATO “agreement” on Libya with whatever words a thesaurus may suggest and one can only write a recipe for chaos, conquest and control. Jefferson wrote accurately,

“If there is one principle more deeply rooted than any other in the mind of every American it is, that we should have nothing to do with conquest.”

– Thomas Jefferson, letter to William Short, July 28, 1791

Is there a goal of naked conquest, or at least chaos, veiled in a cloak of protection for a recently arrived US citizen who cared for people in a hospital threatened by Libyan soldiers having an evil intent? It is disconcerting to me that there is no authentic agreement on realistic rules of engagement for NATO or on the removal of Muammar Gaddafi. One can only imagine how the military personnel feel!

Are we really to believe that “Operation Odyssey Dawn” is humanitarian? The word “Odyssey” can be defined here as an “odds-on chance.” Will this be a new Barack Hussein Obama campaign slogan,

“Take a chance on more change!”

Once again patriots ask, “Change what?” Define it. Absent a predetermined objective and strategy there is no way to win this “war” militarily or politically.

We learned in previous wars there is no way to win without air superiority. In Vietnam we also experienced that even air dominance can not win a war. Can a multi-national coalition of 28 nations launching a military intervention, half-hearted by some, succeed? NATO’s pattern of indecisiveness matches the incompetence of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton who dreamed up this fly by night coalition.

President Obama’s perception of the U S Constitution as a “flawed document” has left him without a compass to guide foreign policy by the shores of Tripoli and my heart goes out to our military. Neither the promise of transparency nor USA unity from coast to coast has been fulfilled by this administration.

Having the demeanor of the emperor once again, President Obama did not engage Congress to the degree that he engaged international “partners.” He values the “wisdom of the world” while continuing to ignore the Founding Documents and the words of the Founding Fathers.

Barack, in his rush to judgment, sows chaos and conquest that will reap calamity. Are we to rebuild Libya along with Iraq and Afghanistan? The administration seems to think it needs a war to politically win in 2012. And at what cost in blood and treasure? Am I heartless?

Hardly! There is no selective moral outrage! I care about the Libyan civilians being slaughtered, in the same way that I care about female protestors given “virginity tests” by Egyptian soldiers, and the thousands of displaced Ethiopians whose churches and homes were torched by “Muslim extremists.” Now, after several years of relative peace – following an unofficial ceasefire with Hamasmilitants have launched devastating attacks on the Israeli people, firing rockets into Israeli cities once again creating war and a humanitarian crisis. Why is the U S military not engaging to protect these precious Israelis out of “humanitarian” concern? Where was the U S military during the genocide of Rwanda, Sudan, and the indiscriminate ravaging of Darfur? Perhaps these people are too black, or perhaps some are too “Jewish.”

I fully support the U S military! I question the reasons, the twisted foreign policy to be in Libya. While I hate what Gaddafi has done, this chaos is neither for barrels of oil nor the terrorist attack on Pan Am 103. It’s a fly by nightmare.

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2 thoughts on “Fly By Nightmare

  1. Bill Conley says:

    Good blog. Totally agree. Obama contradicts everything he complained against during the Bush administration. He always says what the latest group he is talking to wants to hear, and speaks out opf both sides of his mouth. this is what happens when a politician with no experience (and little common sense)gets elected.

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