Extreme Makeover 112 Congressional Parkway

Last night was the 237th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. A couple of years ago patriot activists launched an all-out assault campaigning for a different government. TEA Party citizens joined with me in the struggle to win November 2, 2010 with an extreme makeover of congress!

“As the government stands, I despise and abhor it. I speak as one poor individual – but when I speak, I speak the language of thousands. If I am asked what it is to be done when a people feel themselves intolerably oppressed, my answer is to overturn the government.” – Patrick Henry

The peaceful and persistent TEA Party patriots were a key factor in all November victories including the 112th Congress. Now extreme makeover launches with these elected officials ready to be sworn in January 5, 2011 at what I call “112 Congressional Parkway.”

Tim Scott, District 1
Joe Wilson, District 2
Jeff Duncan, District 3
Trey Gowdy, District 4
Mick Mulvaney, District 5

Congratulations to all these House members, plus a great reelection Senator Jim DeMint! Election eve I told Trey Gowdy that to put the vote in perspective Jim DeMint had beat him in my own precinct, Anderson Mill Elementary School, by 19 votes. Puzzled? You must remember that DeMint and Gowdy were not running for the same seat, so Trey smiled at me savoring the magnitude of his victory for the House of Representatives – so very close to the popular Senator Jim DeMint!gowdy-profile-pic1

Now we must work with them to insure the extreme makeover because this is just one of the victories to change congress. In his acceptance speech, Trey Gowdy declared that when his “time was up” he wanted it to be said of him that “He changed Congress and didn’t let Congress change him!”

I was encouraged by that and more recently when Trey told me his new office is situated in Washington, DC where he can easily communicate with the other offices of the SC delegation. Mr. Gowdy reports progress with all SC Republicans holding together in the struggle.

Congressman Tim Scott of South Carolina is one of two black Republicans elected along with Florida’s Congressman Allen West. They joined Republican conservatives to change the way business is done in Washington.

It’s not like TV and completed at the end of the show. May the one, true Almighty God grant them wisdom beyond their years to makeover the Nation’s Capitol – reclaiming the republic.

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One thought on “Extreme Makeover 112 Congressional Parkway

  1. John’s comment demonstrates two things. One, just because a comment is contrary doesn’t mean it won’t get published. Second, it demonstrates the level of extreme anger many feel because campaign promises take longer than 100 days or 2 years to fulfill.

    I’m looking for an authentic “draft horse” candidate for president who is willing to pull with congress to safely get America out of EXTREME danger in the foreign and domestic arenas. No “pony show.” Tea Party people are patriots not idiots. They demonstrate and voice the outrage WE THE PEOPLE have to reclaim a smaller and fiscally responsible government that clings to the Founding Documents and the Founder’s words. Hang out with the TEA Party people, John. You will probably find out you have more in common than you might suppose.

    We must accept incremental victories in congress. America did not get in this mess overnight, and best case scenario it will take a couple of election cycles to finally gain the reforms the people want. Patience…it’s working. – Larry, SCpatriot

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