Two Proud Patriots

Recently, I went to SEARS to have my tires rotated. I met a pleasant young man who really has his head screwed on RIGHT. He said we need to talk to young people…to college students. He shared with me about those at his own college, “They really hate America!” It was so sad to hear that about some SC youth, but I was so encouraged by this young man’s grip on America, and passion for a conservative country.

Are young people paying attention politically? Is anyone talking to them? Talk to your kids, grandkids and someone else’s kids.

Sarah turned 18 this year and she registered to vote. This perky patriot had the audacity to actually ask questions, learn, and follow through by going to the polls to vote! Sarah sent me her picture voting for the first time.

That’s my granddaughter! Pappy is a very proud patriot.

I am truly blessed to have 7 grandchildren, but this month, this one warms my heart as a young adult having reached voting age. Sarah, in her quiet way, has the attitude that she wants to change the world for good and she’s starting right where she is.

Whether an Esther, Deborah or Sarah…you have the opportunity to join God where He’s working, “For such a time as this.” Sarah did. Sarah is making the right difference, right now.

Yes, there are great conservative wins to celebrate across America and in Sarah’s South Carolina. Her vote counts! So does yours. Together we spread the joy and celebrate. But there’s more…

A model young lady to follow is transforming her community one vote and one day at a time. Step by step we engage for change. Join Sarah, the tire guy, and me to steer America to the right.

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One thought on “Two Proud Patriots

  1. mike charles says:

    Sir you right on with Obama, his campaign slogan…CHANGE..and he did not say in which direction. A thought for the moment is THE gold still in fort knox, that needs to be checked out.

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