My Angle on November 2

The initial victory is won to reclaim the Republic, reform our SC, and refocus Spartanburg County government. Regrettably, Sharon Angle was not part of it in Nevada. Viewing those returns we “Reid ’em and weep” with those citizens and all America. As precinct president and activist in SC, I am extremely proud and gratified that almost all of those I campaigned and voted for are in the winner’s circle in November 2010.

Congratulations to authentic conservatives across the state and America, like South Carolina’s Governor-elect Nikki Haley and Congressman for the 4th Congressional District, Trey Gowdy, who treasure the founding documents and the original intent of the Founders’ words. They will lead the way in the Capitol and Washington, DC to transform government and make it more transparent.

“The world’s most articulate human being,” President Obama, did not communicate in his press conference that he really heard the electorate. Today in Columbia, SC and all across the state we sleep-in, and celebrate. I’m still waiting for the first time I can be proud of this president.

Now patriots across America, including TEA Party friends, unite again to make the right difference, right now. The counsel of veteran Senator Jim DeMint is sound for every new senator, house member, governor — all the way to the State GOP, and county GOP. Congratulations Sen. DeMint. Even the local county councils and every American need to read and consider Sen. DeMint’s words. Will the White House listen?

A special thank you to those who ran their best political campaign, and to all who made this historical victory happen by the grace of God. Now engage for change!

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