Will the Real Nikki Haley Please Stand Up?

In America’s great melting pot there’s great diversity. Everywhere I go and meet people, one thing is crystal clear. There is only One who is Perfect and it’s not me or you! We are all “idolaters” when we bow down to other gods or make choices contrary to the One true God as revealed in the Bible.

Nikki Haley has been slammed for having a Sikh heritage, but is Nikki an “idolater” in this respect? Good question! And her parents, who she dearly loves, along with her family have been shrouded in soiled linen and “cursed” as an “Obama-like” “raghead” – as the ethnic accusations spin the sordid web seeking to link them together.

The taint and the timing of secret inappropriate sexual behavior is also something that seems unreal. Occasionally, I’m awake in the wee hours working on something related to this web site or the grassroots movement here in the county or South Carolina. I’m not talking on the phone, but I might if I had a staff member or colleague with whom I needed to work through an issue in an appropriate way. We must keep in mind that in the end only God Almighty knows!

Remember, if one wants to get right with God and another who has been wronged to clear their conscience then the circle of confession is only as big as the circle of offense. Never does one’s conscience come clean by “dripping” unsubstantiated allegations to the press or in a blog.

I think we can all agree and admit to “a past of idolatry” of one kind or another – in the Biblical sense. Sure Nikki Haley is a sinner and I admit that, too. The Bible says, “All have sinned…” Diluting allegiance to the Lord Jesus Christ with anything or anyone is sin and a violation of Biblical commands.

In Nikki’s own words, listen to what she says about her Christian faith at this link http://www.cbn.com/CBNNews_Files/images10/blogs/HaleyonChristianity-WORD_BobMcLain3510.mp3

“We the People” prepare to give our “final answer” on who will be the next Governor of South Carolina and the electorate try to distinguish truth from lies. Beware! The blogosphere can be an ideal place to peddle porn, crush character – or enlighten the electorate.

I am aware that persons with a background in other world religions are prone to receive Jesus Christ and put him up on the shelf along with their “traditional gods.” One person queried me about whether Nikki was continuing to practice the Sikh religion. I thought it justified to ask, “Will the Real Nikki Haley please stand up?”

I spoke with Nikki and we discussed her background and I got clarification about her Christian faith. It was clear to me that Nikki has turned from all other gods and confessed the Lord Jesus Christ as the one and only Lord whom she worships exclusively. I accept her testimony! I think we all should. She explained that her husband and children also are Christians.

I also learned from two INDEPENDENT sources that the church where they are active, Mt. Horeb United Methodist Church in Lexington, SC, is a “very, very conservative and evangelistic” congregation. Those testimonials are not typical of that denomination, in my experience. The church is a self-proclaimed “Prayer Driven Church” and Nikki shared with me that her pastor phones her almost daily to encourage and pray with her. Good pastor!

Typically, when one is accused of something immoral the accused says simply, “I didn’t do it.” I choose to believe Nikki has been faithful to her marriage vow and she has been smeared in dirty politics! I like the way Nikki expressed herself in an all-inclusive affirmation of fidelity to her husband since their marriage vows!  

But before you make your choice in the ballot box consider this. Truth is Nikki professes to be a genuine Christian. Does that qualify her to be South Carolina’s Governor? No, it does not. However, it makes it clear that her Biblical world view will enable Nikki to make wise choices for South Carolina.


2 thoughts on “Will the Real Nikki Haley Please Stand Up?

  1. Narayanjot Kaur says:

    I am not sure what “idolatry” you are speaking of above? for the record, Sikhism is the world’s 5th largest organized religion, and is monotheistic. The keystone of our faith is that there is one God, the Creator of Everything, who is beyond time, formless, self-existent and does not incarnate (a short version)…..Maybe you were using the idea of “idolatry” in a more metaphoric way….Too often we are cast as off-shoots of the Hindu religion….

    Thanks for letting me submit this comment.
    Narayanjot Kaur

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