Dizzying Debt – Dignity Depreciated

No wonder the Founders feared an “energetic government,” in this case leaving hapless Americans melting into Obama’s strong “Care-Taking” arms with the reformation of health care and health insurance. The clueless approach to governance that the US leadership and administration has taken takes the US deeper in dizzying debt. So where does this put the USA?

At this pace the strongest and most sacrificial nation on planet earth will succumb to a demise not unlike that of the Soviet Union. The underside of the administration and supporting members of Congress is equally alarming because seemingly perpetual proposed socialistic legislation leap frogging the will of the American people will leave the powers that be with no choice but the coercion of Fascism.

Teaming throngs have marched in Washington in opposition to the madness of the Man and the twisted lack of American leadership in the Capitol. Would you listen to 1.7 million persons in a TEA Party opposing the direction the country is being taken? I believe you would. A spokesman for the National Park Service, Dan Bana, is quoted as saying “It is a record…. We believe it is the largest event held in Washington, D.C., ever.” The lights are on in the White House and the Capitol but no one is home – no one is listening.

The president’s plummeting approval ratings may stimulate him to maintain control, and perceived threats could catapult America into another foreign war to “unite” us. Crazy? Worse yet would be the federal government unleashing power assaulting American citizens with fratricidal aggression. Either way people are terminated for the sake of maintaining control.

Internationally, all this leaves America vulnerable to either an isolationist mindset or an ineffectual policy of “engagement” shrouded with apologies. Dizzying debt and loss of dignity depreciates the influence of America in the world.

And where is the clamor today for a Bill of Rights to protect both individuals and the States? We have them on paper but they are summarily ignored in governance for unbridled lust for control. I trust and pray that America will make it to the next election for change – back to “We the people.”


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