Grate Debates Spice Campaigns

Damp, drizzly darkness did not deter those crowded into the auditorium entrance to be enlightened at the first Lt. Governor debate. Sprinkled throughout were various generations in jeans, khakis, suits and some stunning ladies like Madam Chairman.

These patriots representing various generations brought excitement to all who wanted to be informed on the challenges and SC candidates. A decision would be made by each one. If you have been lulled into thinking that the Lt. Gov. roll is not all that important then you missed the debate as well as the “Argentine sneak” of the last year.

Moderated by the popular Bob McLain of WORD Radio, the questions were fair and the answers riveting. Everyone had a good time, too.

img_3632“We the people” were wide-eyed and listening to choose the best candidate in this the first SC opportunity to engage the political process in 2010.

The June Primary Election will soon be here and there are a host of independents and other parties that need to learn about our superior candidates.

I was proud to support and consult the event hosts Wofford College Republicans and Spartanburg Young Republicans.


I am very proud of all that they accomplished for the electorate and the synergy and energy they brought to launch 2010 for the GOP.


It is a privilege to serve with patriots like this.

Great victory for all and a huge thank you to everyone who supported them as well as participated to make it happen.

What insight did you gain from Ken Ard and Bill Connor as they proclaimed their vision for South Carolina and how as the #2 man they would work with the Governor and State House?

img_36441Keep learning and keep sharing the winning GOP story.

It’s a party.

Come to the Party!


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