“If the Turban Fits You Must Acquit” and Other Legalese

Attorney General Eric Holder decided that a U.S. District Court in New York City is a far better place to bring admitted terrorist Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to justice than a Military Tribunal. Whether he came to that conclusion on his own or at the persuasion of the world’s most articulate human, Barack Hussein Obama, doesn’t matter. What I want to know is if Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and others are to be tried in civilian court, then why is this Attorney General allowing other terrorists to be tried before Military Tribunals?

Someone may ask, “Why wouldn’t we want the American Court System opened for worldwide inspection to demonstrate that we are more civil and worthy of the admiration the world community?” The answer is simple. Because our court system is not on trial and Islamic extremist not only can care less, but also will seize upon the opportunity to “canonize” their martyr! This is not about a fair trial for an American citizen. It’s about accurately processing and punishing a foreign terrorist. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is neither guaranteed any rights under the Geneva Conventions nor under the U.S. Constitution.

A Civilian Criminal Court is an opportunity for a defense team of lawyers to attack the sensibilities of the American people. The world will be assaulted daily with such legalese antics as depicted in the trial of O.J. Simpson like, “If the turban fits you must acquit.”

How does anyone expect a competent and impartial jury to be picked in New York City? Someone will say, “It will be fairer if a Muslim sits on the jury.” If just one juror sympathizes with “the cause” or him and votes “not guilty” – hung jury. Everyone realizes our superior justice system will allow any number of issues that can and will be brought up by the defense team that will most certainly be grounds for a successful appeal.

The administration may desire to put on trial “the war,” the intelligence community, enhanced interrogation, our military, or even public servants like George Bush and Dick Cheney for political gain. Maybe I’m wrong. But certainly there is a distinct probability that some terrorists will use this showcased trial as cause to launch another attack, perhaps in New York City, that will cost more American lives.

Even if that does not happen the private pain of families suffering loss, the devastation of a city, and the pillaging of the nation will continue under the watchful eyes of demonic design. It is the end game to destroy the American way of life – and the administration concedes.

If Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is tried, found guilty and executed neither the trial nor the justice will be swift. Why can’t someone be courageous and take action to determine in a military tribunal what the facts are and punish him by being executed if found guilty? A just execution, should it occur, cannot grant the USA respect in the international community, edify our justice system or mask the horror of war.


2 thoughts on ““If the Turban Fits You Must Acquit” and Other Legalese

  1. mijeel says:

    I’m not a lawyer…but I can, and have, read the U.S. Constitution and the UCMJ…

    I was heartened to hear Sen. Lindsey Graham partly hit the nail on the head during the hearing with Attorney General Holder. Sen. Graham rightly pointed out that never in U.S. history have we ever tried an enemy combatant captured on the battlefield in the U.S. civil or criminal court system. I would have liked to have seen Sen. Graham follow up his point with this question: “So, Mr. Attorney General, precisely where in the U.S. Constitution or existing U.S. law do you find the justification for your wrong-headed decision to do this?”

    The answer – though the Attorney General will never publicly say it – would be “I made my decision based on international philosophies of jurisprudence.” Like the President, the Attorney General has a distorted view of America, its Constitution, its history, its sovereignty, and its exceptionalism. He merely views the U.S. as one of many countries of equal virtue in the world. Whether you believe it is intentional, the current administration is destroying, not remaking or restoring, America.

    Elections have consequences. Sometimes merely annoying…sometimes catastrophic consequences.

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