91.5% of registered voters is the right number

The county tax bill screams at us to pay attention to the election. Check these totals: $3.80 county wide fire; $7.60 Federal Stormwater Mandate; $9.88 Community Center; $15.20 County Bond Debt Service; $28.88 Fire District Bond; $41.80 Technical College; $44.08 Parks; $57.00 Sewer; $136.80 Fire District; $390.64 General County Operating Budget. Are you having fun yet? That’s some tidy numbers.

But get this the next tax is $1,647.68 Education School! Now do you suppose that only 8.5% of the registered voters deciding on the School Board members that are going to oversee the expenditure of this sum for the education of children is a representative and responsible vote this year? Of course not. Do you care about your taxes and what comes out of your pocket? Do you care about your children and those in the community? Then vote.

Your vote for School Board candidates has a lot to do with your pocketbook and family! And perhaps you didn’t realize this. The number of persons that vote in the June 2010 Primary Election will determine the number of Delegates your precinct qualifies to elect in the next County Convention where decisions are made about your county Party.

Sure we should all vote to increase our number of Delegates to the County. But there is an added bonus. You get to pick in the June primary election the candidate you want for the General Election in November. Why should someone else make the decision for you? It’s absurd to stay home and complain about taxes, candidates that lack authenticity, and the trial lawyers and big money party bosses deciding who’s going to run. Then whine about the outcome of the general election. People like you and me count.

YOU can make the right difference, right now, by being involved in your precinct and being informed about the issues and candidates. It has been said in an illegal way, “Vote early and vote often”. But your participation often in each election as well as early in the primary is both legal and necessary for responsible government for “we the people.” Go ahead, be the patriot and let’s have a significant majority making decisions for our lives, our children, county and country! You count!


One thought on “91.5% of registered voters is the right number

  1. BruceLittlejohnBoulevard says:

    Yes I always take the opportunity to vote but wonder if my vote counts with Diebold or any other electronic voting machine. Electronic voting machines have been found hackable and there has been more than one state assembly shown the evidence, several tried and convicted of hijacking the counts. Until we return to paper ballots, hand counted in public as called for by the Constitution, I’m not certain I’ll ever have full faith in “voting”. We must return to “Constitutionally recognized voting”

    Clinton Curtis Tells of Election Rigging Computer Programs

    Clinton Eugene Curtis, a computer programmer for Yang Enterprises (YEI) in Oviedo, Florida until February 2001 and also an ex employee of NASA and Exxon; came forward to testify, before the Ohio US Judiciary, that in 2000, Congressman Tom Feeney and YEI requested Curtis’s assistance to write a program that would rig the vote count on US election machines (most likely used for the 2004 election).

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