The Power of One Vote

Kevin Harrison is far and away the top pick for Spartanburg County School District 6! It is unwise to vote for the maximum five choices allowed. You ask why? Because the contest results are like a popularity contest. Only the top vote getters win.

Consequently, if you vote for those about whom you are not passionate you could end up casting votes that DEFEAT the candidate you MOST want to win. The patriot recommends you vote for only those you know well or those who have a solid recommendation source you can trust.

In light of recent revelations, if I were going to vote for more than one, I would also choose Mike Crook, and Mike Forrester. By the way, Forrester is a different Mike from the one who serves as our State House Representative.

You may ask yourself, “In these ‘off year elections’ what can my one vote possibly accomplish?” The truth is plenty! If ACORN is on the scene we may be up against the likes of “Mickey Mouse” so the vote of every patriot counts.

And your vote counts huge. There are approximately 10,000 students in the district. In the 2005 District 6 school board election only 2,274 people voted. Of those 2,274 voters, 1,457 (64%) were over the age of 55. That means that parents of children in the district most likely only made up 36% of the vote. These statistics are disappointing in two ways, first, parents are not involved in their children’s education; and secondly, the overall turnout is terrible.

Your one vote has enormous power! Don’t waste the opportunity. Vote early before you get distracted with busyness or business.

Many parents and citizens just don’t care and it’s sad, not only for the valued children, but because of the treasure of tax dollars since many tax dollars are available for education and must be used wisely.

Patriots unite, and vote Kevin Harrison, and if you go for a couple more from solid sources pick Mike Crook and Mike Forrester.


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