Medal of Honor Comes to SC

What does a Marine do to be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor? He sure doesn’t quit, and that’s a fact. Gen. James E. Livingston’s commendation reads like the plot of an action movie.

Click to access Livingston,%20J.E.pdf


What a great occasion for South Carolinians to celebrate love for country, personal character and courage at the Upstate Freedom Festival. Surrounded by elected officials, military and their families as well as SC patriots, the West View-B Republican Precinct Party was able to honor an American hero. A charitable donation of $3,800 was presented to the General for the Medal of Honor Society. This will assist in their good work of meeting the needs of medal recipients, their spouses and families. Truly this is a charitable donation of which every American can be proud to have a part!

The reception immediately following gave  local and state-wide GOP candidates an opportunity to not only examine and celebrate authentic character but also to meet and greet attendees and share goals to makes our great country better with their public service. The first Upstate Freedom Festival was a memorable one that helped focus the GOP and stimulate the Party to impact the Low Country, Midlands, Upstate South Carolina and, indeed, the nation.

The Upstate Freedom Festival was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will be a treasured memory for every participant. Now it is our opportunity as patriots to reclaim our SC heritage and nation. We were able to demonstrate to all how they can “plug in” to make it happen. Remember, 1 patriot plus 1 precinct, plus 1 Party makes the right difference!


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