Pardon the Intrusive Procedures

Don’t you love it when the physician puts on the rubber gloves with an authoritative “snap” and then lubricates doctor’s fingers to intrusively test your vitals? It’s something we loathe, but we put up with it because we have a doctor-patient relationship of trust. The physician practices medicine to help you and you trust the physician to talk to you and treat you for healthier living.

That relationship of trust is jeopardized in some of the health insurance reform bills churning in Washington. After getting an ear full from their constituents Congress debates again. If they dared to listen, they will have to be persons of character to resists the “bribes” and pressure from the administration and choose to represent the American people who sense this is the wrong legislation at the wrong time. Certainly, there can be found some good parts in almost any bill.

One thing is for sure. No one wants to suit up in that open back hospital gown and have Dr. Barry and his “medical” team practice on them. Far from the professional relationship you have with your doctor, the Chicago-style “doctor” and his associates want not only the say with your body but your personal tax information published for people in every state of the Union to see. Not every person, but a lot of people.

The Health Insurance Reform legislation specifies in 431A that the IRS must publish your tax return to the agencies in Washington, DC that would oversee your health care as well as provide a copy of your returns to 50 states for monitoring! Somehow that sounds more intrusive and a violation of privacy than the exam by one’s doctor. Frankly, there is nothing in the U.S. Constitution, tax law or public health law that gives Barry along with his Czars, officers and bureaucrats by whatever title the right to probe you personally or financially and make the results known to your state or anyone elses.

Do you think it’s time for you to stand alone, if necessary, and refuse to “assume the position?” Now, when the pressure intensifies, be the patriot and stand for your choices in health care and health insurance.


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