2 Trillion Dollar Health Insurance

You thought that health insurance cost was high now. Just wait for “health care reform” camouflaged

Do you believe people will choose to keep their insurance when the government’s “public option” is cheaper? No. So private insurance and free enterprise will virtually die. The government will own you!

Do you believe the American people will approve a plan that requires their private medical history and banking information to be stored in Washington, DC where their care will be evaluated and have their bank account drafted for payment? Certainly not. While there are great benefits in personal estate planning, the government may be maneuvering to encourage your pre-mature death. HB 3200, as originally written, would subject seniors to mandatory counseling to perhaps influence them to not be a drain on their family and society, and – just “plan” to die soon. Say “NO” to government run health care!

Do you believe the government can give health care benefits to an additional 47 + million uninsured persons, maintain your medical care without rationing and provide for your medical needs as you age without increasing your taxes? This makes no economic sense. Even if our health insurance cost appears to be less with a government plan, citizens will be required to pay the shortfall with higher taxes out of their pocket. Any apparent reduction will actually be an increase in your health care cost! The nearly 2 TRILLION additional deficit to fund this must come from the American taxpayer. Do the numbers.

How do you feel about paying for your health care plus another 47 million people? That’s not the American way. No rational person who has a patriot pencil and a calculator can figure the real cost of this “Health Care” insurance legislation and approve it. But that assumes the president and legislators have read it.

Here are 10 questions for supporters of “Obamacare:”


It’s not about noble ideals like life and caring for people. It’s about controlling you, your doctor, your treatments, and yes, when it’s your turn to be terminated. Choose life.

Call Congress now and plead with them to consider only health care proposals that safeguard both the citizens, private insurance and private health care. Be sure to say NO Obama Care!

In “Just Pass Something” mode, once again, the administration will continue pushing for passage by congress without giving America time to read and understand proposed legislation. You may view the whole bill here:


The White House, congress and the public need to hear your revolt against an unfunded health care plan that creates a bureaucratic and public nightmare and a financial catastrophe!
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