Exploit Energy

A transition to “clean energy,” however laudable, is not one to be spanned in 2-3 years – but more like 40 years. Every form of energy should be exploited for good.

In March 1979 Three Mile Island had a nuclear incident with grave alarm. This generated concerns about the possibility of radiation-induced health effects, principally cancer. Consequently, the Pennsylvania Department of Health for 18 years maintained a registry of more than 30,000 persons, and it was discontinued in 1997, without any evidence of unusual health trends.

Actually, the average radiation dose to people living within 10 miles of the plant was about equal to a few chest X-rays. Three Mile Island continues today as the nation’s oldest nuclear power plant. It’s time to embrace clean civilian nuclear energy and – nuke here and nuke now!

But what can be done about greenhouse gasses, you ask? Scientist worldwide doubt the panic of global warming brought on by fear mongering of those with a different perspective. Whatever one’s view is on global warming, remember that the most populace nation on the planet, China, has overtaken the United States as Earth’s biggest spewer of greenhouse gases. China is opening new coal-fired generating stations at the rate of about one a week! No action by the US could offset that and the US “leading the way” with legislation is meaningless in this regard. The US must offer incentives, not penalties, for innovative American enterprise to develop clean coal technology. However, America needs the mining industry to dig here and dig now!

Why in this economy should legislation be passed that would make the price of energy skyrocket for US citizens to pay for cleaner energy later at the expense of existing jobs now? Why continue ignoring the massive natural resources that are the property of US citizens?

The proposed legislation, American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009, HR 2454, would paralyze the economy already in a recession and penalize citizens who have already invested in technology designing 240 million cars and trucks. We must persuade Congress to halt sideways thinking!

There is far greater likelihood of a spill from a tanker importing oil to the US than there is in taping our existing resources. The oil and natural gas industry has exploited technology in the Gulf of Mexico so advanced that there is virtually no spill although subjected to a series of horrific hurricanes. There is a need for additional legislation to drill here and drill now!

Please contact EVERY person in congress not just your own, first the ones that are most strategic to win this battle. Here’s the contact information:


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