Are you worth it?

Today, 3,500 kids will try a cigarette for the first time. Approximately 1,000 will be daily addicts. President Obama signed legislation to regulate tobacco and its pitch to our youth. We all agree that smoking is not good for health; however, there are other issues. I believe this is just a step in advancing the administration’s strategy to govern health care, life and liberty.

Health Care Reform by definition implies that the subject is about health, and that someone cares. Even if someone really believes that government run healthcare is better, one must reframe the US Constitution and the Supreme Court’s decision that the privacy and professionalism of your relationship with your doctor is “sacred” and government should not mess with that relationship. The doctor YOU pick is more likely to care for your welfare! But, on the other hand, Barack, the model father, knows best.

If when you need medical attention you are told by the government to go home and wait for permission, is that healthy? What care is evidenced here? Rather the message is go home and wait in line. It will be like Big Brother hoping you will die before “it’s your turn” and “everybody wins” except you.

Certainly, a great orator will explain this to those of us that are inadequately informed. “We the people” will benefit from a government health care plan because in the end there will be more resources available for the younger, those who were saved from smoke-related deaths…you know your children and grandchildren. We have the opportunity for “change” to willingly make the sacrifice because it’s the right thing. Wrong!

Standing against government run healthcare is precisely your opportunity to make your own medical decisions with your own doctor. Care in health reform is not about planned dying. Health care is about planned healthier living under a doctor’s care. In the end, health care reform is about deciding, “Are you worth it?” I think we all agree that you are worth preserving for a healthier life with your God-given right to freedom. Your choice!

There is alternative health care reform and you may look at some ideas here:

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